Community Composting

New in 2016!

If you received a flier in your mailbox you are eligible for Purple Sol Farm’s Community Composting Program… I know! I’m excited too!

First off, why compost?!

This one is easy:  40% of the stuff we send to the landfill is easily compostable. Yup, almost half! Not only can we spare the landfill of 40% of it’s burden, but my shovel and I can work our magic and turn it in to the ultimate soil amendment. To compost, simply put, is to take waste and turn it into a valuable product.

Woah! That’s awesome, how is composting done? Is it really magic?

Yes, it absolutely IS magic. All I do is mix the food scraps with dried leaves and create a big pile. In just a few days the pile starts “cooking” as in, it heats up. Ideally around 180 degrees. This cooking is simple, but magical, metabolic processes of millions (or billions, or trillions, who really knows?) of little bacteria consuming everything we didn’t want to. They are basically microscopic dogs.

After a few weeks I’ll give the pile a jump start by “turning” it. Simply put, I take my shovel and move the pile over a few feet. Not only does this save me money on a gym membership but it reintroduces oxygen to the center of the pile and speeds up the breakdown process. It heats up again, I move it again… We do this dance over the course of a few months and viola! It’s compost! After it’s done, I like to let it “age” (yeah, like wine) a few more months before I apply.
So, how’s this gonna work?

  1. Email, text or call in your address… You know… So I know where to deliver/pick up
  2. On Tuesday afternoon I’ll leave a clean bucket and lid on your curb.
  3. Put your food scraps in there (See below for details)
  4. On the next Tuesday AM leave the bucket by the curb (where you normally leave you trash and recycling)
  5. I’ll pick it up that afternoon and leave clean bucket in its place.

What is compostable?

  1. Any part of a plant (stems, seeds, leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, peels). This goes for plants for eating and plants for decoration.
  2. Anything edible
  3. Anything that was edible but is now a slimy, moldy mess in the back of your fridge
  4. Also, egg shells, bones, teabags, coffee grinds

What is NOT compostable?

  1. Plastic of any kind.
  2. Paper products (computer paper, tissues, TP, newspaper)
  3. Medicine
  4. Human or pet waste
  5. Annoying children
  6. Those little stickers they put on produce
  7. Rubber bands
  8. Cigarette butts